Prerna conducts workshops and classes in Indian culture incorporating Dance, Costumes, Visual Arts, Henna for schools and educational institutions. She holds a certificate from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). If you are a school / educational institution wanting to introduce / teach your students Indian culture as a part of the Arts Week, Multi-cultural week, PE, etc. please read on.

Services oriented towards schools / educational institutions:

1) Choreography for inter-school competitions, performance in the assembly, etc.

Prerna has choreographed Indian dances for various schools in the South-West of England. The students have successfully performed at prestigious events like Stages 2004 & 2005, and won several accolades. Prerna works with the teachers to work out an appropriate time-table, costumes, accessories, props and music to ensure a winning performance!

2) Indian Cultural workshops

Interactive workshops are a great way to introduce Indian culture since they offer live interaction, visual aids and real artifacts.

This Workshop offers a unique, interactive and entertaining experience of Indian culture and leaves a lasting impression in the audience’s minds. The objective is to provide an introduction to Indian culture which includes geography, Indian religion, customs, languages, dresses, music, dance, festivals, occupations – basically the Indian way of life.

The workshop is modular in nature and we can tailor the contents depending on your needs. For a brochure, please email

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